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Links of Interest

- The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource -

- New York's Broadcasting History -

- Special thanks to Dylan of the Fountain View Library's program "The Children's Broadcasting Series."
He wanted to share this link with our members and visitors. Hearing about young people taking an interest in learning about the early years of broadcasting is encouraging.

- All About the Telegraph and Deciphering Morse Code Text -

- Special thanks to Corrine who came a crossed our link section and was able to utilize information from it for an end of the year report. There teacher had asked them to write a paper on the history of inventions and technologies that have changed and impacted the world we live in today. While working on that report she came a crossed another resource which she wanted to share with our members that talks about the history of Morse Code. It is always exciting to hear about youth showing an interested in the technologies of the past, present, and future.

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