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Attention Members:

We are currently seeking individuals to help fill some of our appointed positions.
If you would be interested in helping out in any capacity,
please contact SBE 113 Chairman, Robert Holden, CTO, CBT.

Upcoming Programs:

March 7th - Blackmagic Design

Presentation Topic:
Today's broadcasting standards are getting better and better, and broadcasters need more powerful products to help them create better looking, more compelling programs. With things like 4K, IP technologies and IT networking already in play, broadcasters need to know how to transition to new technologies effectively, and need to have the proper workflow and knowledge in place to manage content properly. In this presentation, Bob Caniglia will discuss the latest standards in the industry, and the Blackmagic Design products that provide broadcasters the support for their needs of today and a path to the future.

Speaker Bio:
Bob Caniglia began working in the film and television industry in 1985 as a part-time cameraman and editor on industrial videos. Bob finished school at night while working full time as a commercial producer/director at a local CBS affiliate. Eventually, Bob found himself in L.A. as an editor for The Disney Channel and 525 Post Production, later working on music videos for Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson. Bob also helped Gore Verbinski with his director demo reel, telling him that he would be a feature film director someday. Leveraging his real-world industry experience, Bob made the transition to working with a variety of production and post production manufacturers, including Panasonic, Quantel, Snell, DaVinci Systems and Blackmagic Design, where he currently holds the position of Director of Sales Operations.Ever the creative type, Bob is a professional comedian performing around the world under the stage name Bobby Zee. He also has a love for karaoke that just won't quit.

May 2nd - Crispin Corporation - Details TBA

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