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SBE Chapter 113 - Knoxville, Tennessee

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Attention Members:

We are currently seeking individuals to help fill some of our appointed positions.
If you would be interested in helping out in any capacity,
please contact SBE 113 Chairman, Robert Holden, CTO, CBT.

November presentation - Enesys ATSC 3.0 presentation

November is Election Time
- Nominations for 2019 Elections
Chairman - Bob Farahi
Vice-Chairman - Robert Holden
Secretary - Don Burgraff
Treasurer - Tim Berry

If you have a nomination for any of these postions, please let a officer know so they can be added. We will hold our 2019 elections based on the final list of nominees at our November meeting.

If you have any suggestion of presentations you would like to see in 2019, please let an officer know.

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